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Whats The Process For Ordering A Cover?
We make provisional booking to meet you and your boat to talk about fabric choice and details of your requirements, at this point we give you a fixed price and book you into our system. No payment is requested until the cover is fitted. 

How Long Does It Take?
From ordering your new cover to us taking the patterns (we never use old covers as patterns or ask you to send us dimensions) is currently 12-15 weeks, this can change due to supply of materials and weather fluctuations (we cannot pattern or fit covers in wind and or rain). Once we have the patterns we generally are able to fit the cover between 4-6 weeks.

Do You Come Out To Us To Do The Work?
We would ideally like the boat at our location at Venetian Marina we have access to a dedicated cover fitting bay, this speeds the process up a lot. However, We can come to your mooring to do all of the work but we would require either you to be their or leave us access as we may need to get to both sides of the boat.

How Are The Covers Fitted To My Boat?
We will try and use existing fittings where possible to avoid drilling excessive holes in your boat!, All fittings are secured with either stainless steel rivets or stainless steel screws.

Can You Make New Cratch Boards & Frames?
YES!, We use hardwoods for our cratch boards, we can offer a range of options such as opening front windows to allow access to the gas locker for example. we will discuss these options with you at the booking stage.

What If My Covers Get Damaged?
In the event that you accidentally damage your cover we offer your first repair free of charge (this is limited to small repairs and doesnt include replacing windows and zips).

Can You Clean My Covers For Me?
Not currently a service we offer due to current workload, we will however tell you exactly how to do it and where to get the correct products from .

How Do I Look After My Covers?
Below are a few hint and tips that we think will be useful to ensure you get the best use of your covers
  •  Always roll your covers, and never fold them as this causes creases in the windows. 
  • Always use the zip sliders to open the side flaps, never putt the cover open from the bottom of the flap as this will damage the fabric.​
  • ​Never use power washers or steam cleaners on your covers as these will destroy the make up of the fabric and ultimately the integrity of the cover.
  • ​When storing your covers always ensure they are totally dry and placed in the dedicated cover bag (Supplied as requested).

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